Every job obviously has its own risks that might someday drag you into a bad or danger situation. Even if for such a happy job like a zoo worker. They may meet various of animals everyday, but they also need to be really careful of what they deal with. As bad as the tragedy that has happened at Los Angeles Zoo last Thursday morning, 21st January 2016. A worker has been hopitalized with a possible broken leg after falling 15 to 20 feet high into a gorilla enclosure. The exhibit is home to western lowland gorillas.

City fire official reported that the animals in the enclosure were secured immediately while the worker was rescued by strapping him to a backboard and lifted from a planted moat. The man successfully carried from the location after about a half hour. The Los Angeles Zoo was closed when this 61-year-old man fell down. It is caused by he “lost his footing” while landscaping gorilla habitat.


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