Recently, interwebz is taken over swiftly by a very cute animal since a man in Japan posted photos of his domesticated raccoon dog on last Tuesday (26/01). Yes, raccoon dog! Have you ever wondered what would it look like? It is actually a Japanese animal that resembles a raccoon and dog, called Tanuki. Instead of barking like a dog, raccoon dogs give off a high-pitched whine or whimper, and it is interpreted as friendly behavior. It is adorable.

A picture of raccoon dog, named Tanu, playing in the snow has been posted on Twitter by the owner @chibi_tori after snowstorm in Asia, it is shot to fame overnight on the internet. It is freaking out! In fact, raccoon dog is just a name because of its appereance. It is actually neither a raccoon nor a dog, but it does belong to the canidae family, along with both wolves and foxes.

Normally, Tanuki is a wild animal and always better let it stay in their nature than at your home as a pet, eventhough it is not an endagered species but you better keep a distance, because some of them carry infectious disease. You still can see (in distance) this cute omnivorous Tanuki in all over Europe, Russia, China, Estonia, Japan, and Scandinavia, but not in North America. And simply can be found at forests, wetlands, farmlands, and urban areas.

For centuries, Japanese believes that Tanuki’s enlarged testes represent good luck and its totem are common placed inside businesses to bring money. Not only about this magical folklore and luck, some people exploit raccoon dog by bred them and inhumanely slaugthered for their pelts. It is sold as calligraphy brushes and fur coats as a faux fur. This is extremely cruel. Oh, we are really need to save and protect this pretty animal from this kind of human by against animal testing.